Lifestyle Run

My workout today was in two parts. First I went to the gym and did about 10 minutes on the elliptical to warm up before Body Pump. Body Pump was excellent. I love how sore my muscles feel after that class. It’s actually only the third time that I’ve been to this Body Pump at my new gym so I’m still figuring out how much weight I need to use for each exercise. I really loaded up on the weight for squats last Tuesday and I as so sore that I couldn’t run for the next 3 days! I also didn’t have enough weight on for my upper body. Today was much better, although I still think that I can increase the weight for chest and triceps.

After Body Pump I walked home and it was lunch time. I had a pita with a veggie burger and hummus. I also had a simple lettuce salad, grapes, and a soy yougurt. I was hungry after Body Pump and my lunch filled me.

My run of the day was a “Lifestyle run” which means walking/jogging to return library books, then running to the train station to pick up my husband’s bike, and then cycling home. As I walked/jogged to the library, I noticed that it is really hard to run with books. Then I thought, you know, carrying books is just like trying to run while carrying extra weight. It’s so much more work to run with additional weight. I’d like to lose about 25 pounds and carrying the books reminded me of why that’s a good idea! After I dropped off the books I ran more freely to the train station and cycled home just as it was getting dark–at 4:30!!!

Plans for a relaxing Saturday night sans husband include a warm shower, a pizza (Amy’s No Cheese) and salad for dinner, and my new book, Run, which so far has nothing to do with running.


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