50 miles, 155bpm

One of my older friends is a fantastic runner. He’s been a runner his entire life, but ran his first marathon at age 48 in 3 hours and 2 minutes. His training advice to me was very simple, “Just run 50 miles a week and be able to run your long runs at a comfortable heart rate.” Simple indeed, but not easy. I think that his advice is a good guide for marathon training. For example, when my husband finished his marathon last year, he wasn’t out of breath when he crossed the finish line. Yes, his legs hurt, but he didn’t feel like he was about to collapse. In fact, that afternoon he still had the strength to tour around Zurich and climb hundreds for stairs to the top of a church steeple.

From now until February 2009, my goal is to build up my weekly mileage so that by February 1st I’m running 50 miles a week with my heart rate staying around 155 for my long runs. Then from Feb 1 until the marathon in late May, I will follow a specific marathon training schedule. I haven’t decided which training schedule I’ll follow, but I’m sure that I’ll have to make some adjustments to it.


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