Morning Run

Runs like the one this morning make me so glad that I’m a runner.  I got up around 6:15 and had a cup of coffee so that I could function.  I really wanted to roll over and sleep longer, but I knew that if I allowed myself to sleep in on Monday, it would be even harder to get up and run later in the week.  Once it was light outside I ran for about 5.5 miles and kept my heart rate above 170 the entire run.  My legs felt strong and I loved pushing myself.  I’m not sure exactly how long the run took me.  Sometimes I don’t pay attention to the time! 

Non running plans for the day include:

  • Christmas shoppping at the Fiztwilliam museum at lunch time
  • A post work stop at Asda with a friend to get some cleaning supplies
  • Celebrating with my husband as he finishes his FINAL job application!! 🙂

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