I did it!!

I ran 5 miles on the treadmill this evening. It was wonderful. I mostly followed the pace that I set out in my last post and tried to get in the zone. I was able to run the scheduled 10.5k at 11.0km/hr and also got in 1.5m at 12.5km/hr. My running felt very rythmic and my heart rate was under 170 for the entire run except when I went up to 12.5.

I’m a huge bluegrass fan and I listened to a Fresh Air podcast which was an interview with the legendary Earl Scruggs. He has such a wonderful old Southern voice. Banjer and Geetar. It was cool to listen to Scruggs talk about how he started 3 finger banjo picking. He had a great, true musicians answer to the question, “Can you put into words your 3 finger style is? “It’s just what you hear.” When the Scruggs interview ended I listened to my bluegrass favorites, The Seldom Scene, Infamous Stringdusters, and Crooked Still (not really bluegrass)

I’m running again tomorrow evening at the gym. I haven’t yet decided what kind of run I’m going to do.


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