Slow Run

I went for a run from my flat to Waterbeach this afternoon. It was gray, a little rainy, and cold in Cambridge today. There was fog on the river and I could probably only see for about 200 yards in front of me. There was a boat race along the river and in the fog the 8 men boats looked like vikings sailing across the Atlantic to the land of milk and honey or should I say honey and pumpkins.

My run was so slow today. I ran 8.7 miles at a 9:30mile/hr pace. I ate too many carbs yesterday and my stomach was still recovering from that. I just felt sluggish the whole run. My heart rate averaged around 160 so that was more positive. I’m still trying to get it down to closer to 150 while I run.

I’d really like to get in a 13 mile run tomorrow. I’m just dying to run the half marathon distance. I’m not sure why, but I think it’s because I’m a bit discontent with some parts of my life. I want to have some success in running.

Plans for the evening include a warm shower, 25 minutes of cleaning, finishing my book Run.


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