Easy 5 miler

It’s another gray and rainy day in Cambridge. Winter is here, and we are in for lots of cold dark days before the sun decides to come out again.

I’ve never really gotten into yoga, but I really want to be a yoga bunny. I didn’t realize how many free yoga resources are available on the web! I linked to a few on my blog. Before my run I did the Yoga Journal Awake and Strengthen the Arms video cast. If you launch the video in itunes you can get it to full screen mode. I really am a beginner in yoga, so I couldn’t do all of the positions and I had to take special care that I was doing the positions properly (I’m still not sure that I was!), but it was really fun and Jason Crandell gives detailed instructions. They come out with a new podcast every week and there are already about 30 shows online. WOW. I’m really excited to do more of them!

On to my run. I came pretty close to not running today. It’s raining and about 40*. But, I told myself, “I am a runner. Runners run.” Plus, it could be cold and rainy the day of the marathon and I want to have the experience of running in the rain. My body was also craving a run. I saw plenty of other runners along the tow path and the river was full of rowers. I almost got run over twice by coaches on bicycles. I didn’t take my heart rate monitor with me, but I did time myself and I went at a very comfortable pace and didn’t really push myself. It took about 49 min. to run 5.5 miles. I would like to get in some speed work next week because I didn’t do any speed work this week.

I did a second Yoga Journal Practice podcast–Hip Openers. It was of course challenging and felt really good! I’m curious to see how sore I’ll be tomorrow.


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