Couples Run!

I’ve convinced Jeddie to come to the gym with me tonight. He doesn’t know it yet, but I’m planning a couples 10k for us. For me, I’m doing the first half of the run at 6.2mph and the second half of the run at 6.5mph.

I did 10 min of yoga this morning. I’m somewhat sore from my yoga yesterday. It’s not like a, “I can’t sit down in my desk chair, I did way too many squats in body pump sore,” but more of a gentle sore. I can really feel it in my shoulders and in the back of my legs. I really like it, actually.

I thought that I was taking potential new hire out for lunch today, but it turns out that I was interviewing her before lunch time, so we just stayed in the office. I had to buy my lunch from Boots. 😦 I hate buying my lunch. I had a hummus and veggies wrap. I hope hummus and veggie sandwiches, but mine are 100x better than Boots and much cheaper. Not 100x cheaper. 🙂


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