Coffee for One

There is just one daily coffee drinker in our house. It’s me. I love the smell and taste of coffee and how it gives me a little boast to wake up in the morning. I try to have one cup in the morning and one cup in the afternoon. If I have more than that I have a hard time sleeping at night. I used to use a french press for making coffee, but honestly it was a pain to clean because we don’t have a garbage disposal. So, I found this:


Which combined with this:


Makes this:


And finally this to enjoy:


A few notes:

Use about 1.5 T of coffee grounds for one cup of coffee

If you don’t want your soy milk to curdle, wait for the coffee to cool slightly. I gave up milk about a month ago and for a week thought that I wouldn’t be able to have soy milk in my coffee. But, I figured it out. Just let the coffee rest for about 4 minutes. Then it’s ready for the soy milk.

This is a simple and frugal way to make coffee. I save both the $$ and counter space that fancy coffee makers take up. The black filter cost around $5.

Jeddie will take his coffee weaker than me, so if he wants coffee I just make his with the leftover grounds.


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