Weekly Meal Plan

I plan our meals a week at a time. This helps me to avoid the stress of coming home from a day of work and not knowing what to make. While meal planing does take a bit of time to do, in the end it saves me time, money, and helps us to eat well. Right now our pantry is full of rice, lentils, pasta, canned tomatoes, peanut butter, dried beans, oatmeal, tea, coffee. We don’t need any more pantry goods.



So, I’m planning our menu based on the food that we already have. In the freezer we have frozen veggies, veggie burgers, and some leftovers. Our meals are normally very simple because I work full time and would rather spend my free time doing things other than cook. With that in mind, here’s my menu plan for the week. This usually changes a bit during the week, but even if I don’t stick exactly to it, it’s really helpful to have.


  • L-leftover pizza
  • D- Leftover frozen beef stew for Jeddie, veggie burger and spinach salad for Claire


  • L- Brown rice with soya beans
  • D- Leek, potato, and bean stew


  • L- in London
  • D- Leek, potato, and bean stew


  • L- Brown rice and soya beans
  • D- Baked tofu and steamed veggies


  • L- Barley and corn
  • D- Rice and refried beans


  • L- Salad with kidney beans
  • D- Corn and tomato soup


  • L- Rice and beans
  • D- Pizza!

The only things that I really need to shop for are apples, grapes, carrots, soy milk, potatoes, and more greens later in the week. I’m also making sugar cookies and pumpkin pie for Jeddie’s end of term holiday PARTY. I need to buy confectioners sugar, butter, cream of tartar, and sprinkles.


2 Responses to Weekly Meal Plan

  1. Sharon says:

    Wow, great planning! Everything sounds great!

    Sugar cookies sound like fun! Are you going to decorate them into shapes too?

  2. Claire says:

    Sharon, I think that I’m just going to use a glass to make them into perfect circles. Shapes are really cute, but I don’t have any cookie cutters and I don’t like to spend $$ on things that I’ll use infrequently or buy things which clutter my kitchen.

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