Everyone’s out on the river

I ran for 6 miles along the river today. It took me about 55 min for a 9:10 pace. I’d like to be able to run that same route at an 8:30 pace. That means getting to my turn around point at 25:30 min into the run. My goal is to make that goal time by the time that I go back to the States in early January. Goals. I love goals.

The river was full of people today–rowers, kayakers, cyclists, runners, walkers, families, couples, dogs. Lots of dogs. One family walked 5 BIG dogs and a 3 year old girl dressed in a really cute pink snow suit.

My husband left for Bristol this afternoon and he comes home tomorrow. I didn’t have anything scheduled for this evening so I watched Sweet Home Alabama. It was my first time watching the movie and I loved it! It was so sweet and reminded me of growing up in the South. The line that Melanie says, “You need a passport to visit this place” is so true. I grew up in the South, spent my college years and early 20’s in New England, and now live in England. In general, personality wise people from England and New England are more similar than Southerners and New Englanders. I guess the English and Southerners both like to drink tea. It’s just that one tea is suited for gray rainy weather inside the house by the fire and the other is suited for hot summer days in a rocking chair on the front porch.


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