Half Marathons

I’d like to do a half marathon race as part of my training for Stockholm.  Ideals for the race include:

  • Located in England, in a city that I’ve not visited
  • Good size
  • March or April race
  • Good scenery

Here are the top 3 choices:

Reading Half

I don’t really want to visit Reading.  This does look like a large and well organized race.

Bath Half, Sunday 15 March

This could actually be a pretty good choice.  I’ve never been to Bath, but I’ve wanted to go since I first came to England.  I could see the Jane Austen house on Saturday, soak in the Georgian Archetictue while running, and visit the Baths for post race relaxation.  It would also be simple to drive to Bath on Saturday morning, stay one night, and then come home Sunday afternoon.

Silverstone Half, Sunday 15 March

Not likely.  This Half takes place in Liverpool.  Jeddie’s already been to Liverpool and I don’t have any interest in visiting.  (I did just start playing Hey June on YouTube).  Plus, Silverstone is a historic motor racing circuit and I don’t have any interest in motor sports.


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