No run

I planned on going to the gym after work and doing a cardio medley of 20 min stairmaster, 5k run, and 20 min elliptical.  But, my sweet husband called around 4:00 and asked if he could pick me up from my office and take me to dinner!  So, I went.  At first I had a bit of an attitude, b/c I wanted to get in my gym time.  But, Jeddie wanted to relax and enjoy the end of term, so we went out to dinner. I’ll hit the gym tomorrow night.  (I have to be in London too early to go to running first thing).

What do you guys do when your plans to work out don’t work?  I try not to get upset, but also remind myself that it really is better to exercise in the morning.  No dinner dates then, :).

Don’t forget to get your flu jab!



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