Meal Plan

I’m still working on whitting down my pantry, so I didn’t have much to buy at the store this week.  I spend 31 pounds and about 5 of that was on shampoo/conditioner, hand soap, and toothbrushes.  All of my household items were buy one get one free!  I have to buy household items like that on sale.

This week for lunch I’m having homemade black bean burgers and Jed’s having pasta and tomato sauce.  I’m experimenting with a couple of blackbean burger recipies.  If I find a winner, I’ll post it at the end of next week!


Salad with blackbean burger (try number one, they didn’t hold up for freezing/refridgerating)


Roasted potaoes, hearty salad with chickpeas


Mexican!  Beans and rice in tortillas


Baked tofu and steamed veggies


Stirfry with veggies, ginger, and soba noodles


Falafel and salad


Pizza party!


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