Rolling on the River


Photo by Elfleda

I did my classic 6 mile run along the river. It took me around 55min for an average pace of just under 9 min/mile. My goal is to do this run at an average speed of 8:30. The river was pretty quiet this afternoon since the weather was cloudy and cold.

As I ran I listened to both a Wall Street Journal Podcast and a session of NPR’s Fresh Air which talked about TARP. I don’t see a stabilization in home prices anytime soon. Not all signs are predicting an increase in foreclosures, but with the recession only growing more intense and more companies laying off workers, it seems that more families will not be able to afford their mortgages. Homes are so important to families. When families are displaced from their homes it causes all kinds of problems and instability. This is a incredibly serious problem.

As much as I want us to buy a home, I realize that home ownership is only a blessing when we are debt free, (check) have an emergency fund of 3-6 months of living expenses (check), can put at least 20% down (No check), and that our mortgage is only 25% of our income on a 15 year fixed rate basis. It’s so easy for me to get house envy. I really have to remind myself to be thankful for what I have and not covet what other people have.


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