Yoga for Two

I have been on a yoga kick recently. I just love the Yoga Journal Videocasts. I did one yesterday evening, one this morning, and one before dinner when I got back from London. They are so easy to follow, challenging, no annoying background music, and a really good length. They average 20-25 min, but Jason always suggests follow on workouts, so you can practice longer if you wish. I’ve stuck to just one session at a time, but I hope to move towards 2 at a time. My husband joined me for the session before dinner. He’s so sweet. I love him.


My “I’m training for Stockholm Marathon T-shirt” came today! It says “I’m training for” in English, German, Swedish, and Finnish! How cool is that?!? It’s the color of the Swedish flag and made a type of material that wicks away sweat. I can’t wait to wear it on my morning run.


One Response to Yoga for Two

  1. runjess says:

    I’m considering doing some yoga this week to help me recover from the marathon. I always “meant to do it” while preparing as well, but could never make myself.

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