Long Run and Recovery Run

February 23, 2009

What a great Saturday run!  The sun was out, weather was wonderful, and I had great company.  I plowed through 13.5 miles on Saturday and did a slow 3 on Sunday.  My quads are still majorly sore today, but I think that I’ll be fine by tomorrow.  I ran with Jed and that was the best.  Since Jed is a stronger runner than me, he carried the “big ipod” and both of our water bottles.  He also put my long sleeved t-shirt around his waist.   Those little changes actually help compensate since he’s faster than me.


Today’s exercise is just my hour that I spend walking to work and a core yoga workout and upper body lifting when I get home. 


7 miler

February 12, 2009

Last night I changed into my running clothes and 7 miles after work.  I’m really enjoying walking to work and then running home.  It seems like I’m doing this an average of 2 days a week.  I leave my sports bags at work and then take them home on a day that I’m not running home. 

My ankle is a bit tight, but it’s not too bad.  I think if I keep icing and stretching it it will be okay.  I’m resting today and have another 7 miler tomorrow. 

On tap for today:

  • Work in the morning
  • Trip to London for a meeting
  • Dinner and a bit of shopping at Whole Foods!
  • Taking the late train back with my Honey

Rolling on the River

December 14, 2008


Photo by Elfleda

I did my classic 6 mile run along the river. It took me around 55min for an average pace of just under 9 min/mile. My goal is to do this run at an average speed of 8:30. The river was pretty quiet this afternoon since the weather was cloudy and cold.

As I ran I listened to both a Wall Street Journal Podcast and a session of NPR’s Fresh Air which talked about TARP. I don’t see a stabilization in home prices anytime soon. Not all signs are predicting an increase in foreclosures, but with the recession only growing more intense and more companies laying off workers, it seems that more families will not be able to afford their mortgages. Homes are so important to families. When families are displaced from their homes it causes all kinds of problems and instability. This is a incredibly serious problem.

As much as I want us to buy a home, I realize that home ownership is only a blessing when we are debt free, (check) have an emergency fund of 3-6 months of living expenses (check), can put at least 20% down (No check), and that our mortgage is only 25% of our income on a 15 year fixed rate basis. It’s so easy for me to get house envy. I really have to remind myself to be thankful for what I have and not covet what other people have.

Finally, A RUN!

December 13, 2008

What a great run!  I went for 6 miles along the river in the rain.  During the first half of my run I saw a Boat Race where I think the “fancy dress” theme was Christmas. One boat had Santa as the cox and the reindeer as the rowers. Another boat had a Nativity scene with wiseman and the Angel Gabriel.  It looked like the rowers were having a good time.

I didn’t time my run, but it felt fast and I was able to push myself.  I didn’t have any pain in my knee but I think that was because I had about 3 days off from running.  I’m icing it now.  You know, for prevention.  🙂

My plans for the evening include stove top popcorn and the movie Fried Green Tomatoes.

Night Running

December 9, 2008

I ran 7.5 miles after work tonight. My legs felt a bit tight during the run, I wasn’t happy with the songs that were on my ipod, and totally could not concentrate on the run. However, a bad run is a 1,000 times better than no run.

Everyone’s out on the river

December 7, 2008

I ran for 6 miles along the river today. It took me about 55 min for a 9:10 pace. I’d like to be able to run that same route at an 8:30 pace. That means getting to my turn around point at 25:30 min into the run. My goal is to make that goal time by the time that I go back to the States in early January. Goals. I love goals.

The river was full of people today–rowers, kayakers, cyclists, runners, walkers, families, couples, dogs. Lots of dogs. One family walked 5 BIG dogs and a 3 year old girl dressed in a really cute pink snow suit.

My husband left for Bristol this afternoon and he comes home tomorrow. I didn’t have anything scheduled for this evening so I watched Sweet Home Alabama. It was my first time watching the movie and I loved it! It was so sweet and reminded me of growing up in the South. The line that Melanie says, “You need a passport to visit this place” is so true. I grew up in the South, spent my college years and early 20’s in New England, and now live in England. In general, personality wise people from England and New England are more similar than Southerners and New Englanders. I guess the English and Southerners both like to drink tea. It’s just that one tea is suited for gray rainy weather inside the house by the fire and the other is suited for hot summer days in a rocking chair on the front porch.

Sunset Run

December 6, 2008


photo by fendlandsnapper

Today I ran 8.5 miles from along the river. The weather was perfect and I saw a beautiful sunset on my way home. When I stopped to turn around and stretch I saw a small brush fire in a field. The fire was the same bright orange color of the sunset and it was wonderful to see the fire from the field blending in with the most brilliant fire of all, the fire from the sun. The sunset looked really similar to this one that I found on Flickr.

I also saw my favorite runner. I see this man running all the time! He’s probably in his mid 60’s and he runs at a really good clip. The reason that I notice him more that other runner is that he dresses in running shorts, button down shirt, tie, scarf, hand knit hat, black running shoes, and tall white socks. Just like this:


Seriously, I want to be able to run 8 miles like he does when I’m in my mid 60’s.

Actually, what I really want to do is to run marathons when I’m 81 years old. Just like Joy Johnson. When she turned 80, her marathon time crept to 7 hrs and she knew that she wanted to be faster. She said that she, “made myself work a little harder.” That’s what I want to be doing now and when I’m 81–working a little harder.