10 feels like 5

March 19, 2009

I think that I recently hit a key turning point in my training.  My 10 mile run after work last night felt like a 5 mile run.  This morning I can tell that I ran last night, but I’m not terribly sore.  Today I have an 8 mile run after work planned.  I’m going to do the same route from work to and along the river that I did last night, but I’m going to turn around a bit sooner.  We still haven’t changed to British Summer Time, so it gets dark around 6:30-6:45 and I don’t feel completley safe running alone.


Frozen fingers and toes

February 9, 2009

I just got back from a rainy 4 mile run.  We’ve had a spell of rainy and icy weather in Cambridge.  It was too icy to run this morning, so I saved my run for after work.  I ended up running in the rain, but running in the rain is much better than running on ice.  There were still a few icy patches, but I just slowed down a walked through them.

We had zero heat at work today.  It was freezing cold!  A rumor was going around the office that it was officially too cold for us to work and that “Health and Safety” regulations required that we go home!  Another company that works in my building decided to work from home so they let me borrow their little space heater.  It was a lifesaver!  My hands were so cold that I couldn’t type.

Well, well, well

February 8, 2009

Well hello there! Welcome back to Steps To Stockholm!

Indeed, I have been stepping to Stockholm, I just haven’t been blogging about my running. In general I’ve been running 3-4 times a week. I’m having a difficult time getting in my weekday runs. I generally run both Saturdays and Sundays with Saturdays being my longer run.

So, I’m restarting my blog.

See you on Monday, I’ve got a fast 3 miler!

Not enough swim, too much food

December 4, 2008

I went into London this morning for a really interesting meeting. Sometimes my meetings can just feel like “more of the same,” but I think that this guy really had an edge. The sun came out for my train ride home and I enjoyed looking at the countryside. Everything was so green and all of the sheep were enjoying the grass.

I swam for about 20 minutes after work. I just enjoy swimming. I’m getting more used to being in the water. Next time I swim I’ll try to do it in the morning when it’s less crowded.

I have eaten too many carbs today. On days that I go to the gym after work I tend to overeat. 😦 Yet another reason to exercise in the morning and ENJOY a bowl of oatmeal post workout.

Slip and slide

December 3, 2008

Evening all.

I rode my bike to work today and almost crashed because I hit a patch of ice. Yikes. It was a little bit scary, but I just rode the rest of the way more carefully.

I also had to pay really close attention to my feet on my run after work because I ran on a bike path covered in leaves and along a path that was covered in a really think layer of frost. I’m not sure why the frost was just on that particular section of the path. I felt a bit confined on my run because I was worried about skidding on the leaves or frost. The run was pretty slow. It took me about 70 min. I also passed King’s College Chapel, although this time I was not wearing a wedding dress.


I listened to a podcast of This American Life, Poultry Slam. I must have been hiding under a rock because I just started listening to This American Life about a month and a half ago. The stories are so engaging and are about topics that I don’t normally think or read about. These are really good for long runs. The host, Ira Glass, has a great voice.

Half Run, Half Swim

November 19, 2008

My husband teaches New Testament Greek to a group of people from our church on Wednesday nights so I usually hit the gym after work. I had a podcast of This American Life on my ipod and set out to run for 30 minutes. I just can’t do more than that at the gym. There is one AMAZING runner who I frequently see at the gym. He runs at a pace of 14.4 km/hr and has perfect form while running. I also notice that he focuses on one main point while he’s running. I copied him and just thought



blank wall in front of me.

After 30 minutes I jumped into the pool and swam for 30 minutes. I mostly did freestyle and enjoyed the quiet of the water.

Tomorrow is a rest day as I’m in London all day. I planning to sneak in some Christmas shopping and get stocking stuffers for my husband and me!

Late night, late morning

November 17, 2008

Jeddie flew in from the States yesterday and didn’t get home until after 10:00. We hadn’t seen each other in 5 day and had so much to catch up on, so I didn’t get to bed until it was too late to run before work. So, my exercise plan for the week is a bit tweaked. I got in a 45 minute walk home from work and tomorrow I will run 6 miles at the gym before Pilates.

I have a really hard time running on the treadmill at work. I’ve got some strategies to make the run go better. I’m going to try then tomorrow and then let you know how it works.